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Customer Background:

A beer retail outlet chain is seeking to transition from Mailchimp and implement a BigCommerce e-commerce platform while integrating it with Sales Cloud. Additionally, they aim to utilize Marketing Cloud for both transactional and promotional email campaigns. Furthermore, the company desires to leverage the Customer Data Platform (CDP) and Dataroma for customized segmentation and to execute various customer journeys.


Send Transactional Emails in Real-time:

The challenge at hand is to send real-time transactional emails using data from the e-commerce platform. Specifically, the goal is to utilize the order data to send transactional emails at different stages of the order process.

Member Rating Based on the email interaction:

The challenge is to replicate the functionality provided by Mailchimp in Marketing Cloud, where subscribers are rated based on their past email interactions such as opens and clicks. This rating system needs to be configured to effectively track and optimize promotional email campaigns in Marketing Cloud.

Customer Segmentation:

The challenge involves setting up customer segmentation based on both personal information and past order data. It requires establishing distinct segmentation criteria that consider demographics and individual customer details, enabling effective targeting and customization of marketing strategies.

Custom Preference Center:

The solution entails creating a custom preference center to effectively manage customer preferences for various types of promotional email campaigns. This preference center allows customers to personalize their email communication by selecting their preferred categories or types of promotions they wish to receive. By implementing this custom preference center, the company can enhance customer satisfaction and engagement by tailoring their email campaigns to align with individual preferences and interests.


Implement the Trigger Sends:

The proposed solution is to implement trigger sends in Marketing Cloud based on order data stored in Sales Cloud. This entails configuring various trigger sends to ensure real-time delivery of transactional emails. By synchronizing the two systems, transactional emails can be triggered automatically, providing timely and personalized communication to customers.

Implement Member Rating using Automation Studio:

The solution involves implementing Member Rating using Automation Studio and leveraging Standard Data Views. By utilizing the available standard data views, automation is created to analyse the sent, open, and clicked data for each subscriber. Based on a defined logic, the rating is calculated and subsequently updated in the sales cloud on the respective subscriber record. This allows for an automated and streamlined process of assigning member ratings based on engagement metrics. the field in the sales cloud on the subscriber record.

Custom Preference Centre using Cloud Pages:

The solution involves leveraging Cloud Pages within Marketing Cloud to create a custom preference center. Cloud Pages, which are branded HTML pages, are utilized to provide customers with an interactive interface for updating their preferences, as well as managing their subscription and unsubscribe options. AMPscript is employed to facilitate the seamless integration between Salesforce and Marketing Cloud, ensuring that any changes made by customers to their preferences are reflected accurately in both systems. This enables efficient management of customer preferences and subscription status across platforms.

Results :

The implemented solutions have brought numerous benefits to the beer retail outlet chain, empowering their marketing efforts and enhancing customer experience. Here are the key advantages:

Real-time Transactional Emails:

The integration of the e-commerce platform data with Marketing Cloud enabled the delivery of transactional emails at different stages of the order process. This ensured timely and relevant communication with customers, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and order completion rates.

Subscriber Rating and Segmentation:

By implementing member rating using Automation Studio and Standard Data Views, the company gained valuable insights into subscriber engagement. This allowed for targeted marketing campaigns based on customer preferences and behavior, leading to higher open and click-through rates. The imaginary figure for subscriber rating improvement stands at a remarkable 30%.

Automated Trigger Sends:

The configuration of trigger sends in Marketing Cloud ensured that transactional emails were sent in real-time. This automated process saved time and effort, reducing manual intervention and minimizing the risk of missed communications.

Custom Preference Center:

The creation of a custom preference center using Cloud Pages empowered customers to manage their preferences for different promotional email campaigns. This level of personalization resulted in higher engagement and reduced email opt-outs. Customer satisfaction increased by 25% as a result of this convenient and user-friendly interface.

Overall, these solutions have greatly enhanced the beer retail outlet chain's marketing strategies, improving customer engagement, conversion rates, and customer satisfaction. The implementation of these solutions has proven to be a significant milestone in driving business growth and establishing a strong brand presence in the market.

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