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●Need dynamic documents with salesforce data populated.

●Need to create a new document for each record with its data populated inside the form at specific locations.  

●Need to insert images.

●Need to merge two or more templates to create a single document.  

●Need to merge any template in between whenever required.  

●Need to populate the data with correct formatting. For example, currency should be populated with the correct symbolor to display correct date/time format.

●Need to populate the signature.


●Using Conga Composer, we can create dynamic documents.  

●Images can be inserted.

●We can opt the template that we need to display in combination with the main template.

●We can display the data in the correct format, i.e., correct date/time or currency format.

●We can merge two or more documents using the desired parameters.

●We can display the parent data or child data of the referenced object using SQL.

●We can create a number of queries to get the desired data from the sales Cloud.

●We can iterate through the data to form table containing child record’s information

●We need to put the merge field values taken from the conga tools itself.

●These merge fields are available in the conga tools only if they are queried in the Conga Queries.

●We have to create some records of Conga Queries, Some records for Conga Templates and only one record of Conga Solutionin which we add the created queries and templates as per the requirement.

•We can pretag the document withthe signature tag and then generate the document using Conga Sign.

•Once this document is passed through the CongaSignature and mailed. The receiver will be able to populate his/her signaturein the document.


•Dynamic document is successfully generated.

•Salesforce data is getting populated in the document.

•Images are inserted successfully.

•Data format is populating correctly.

•We are able to merge two or more templates or we can insert any desired template between the templates.

•Additionally, we can generate the document with pre tagged signature or date values using Conga Sign.

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