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Customer Background:

The Healthcare Event Management organization seeks to establish a comprehensive portal to enhance member experiences by providing convenient access to personal information and upcoming events. This portal will enable members to stay informed about roundtable events, connect with relevant participants, and access schedules for upcoming events.


Seamless User Experience:

Ensuring a seamless transition for portal users, making them feel like they have entered a distinct and immersive experience rather than simply navigating a website.

Visibility of Scheduled Event Information:

Making scheduled event information easily accessible to members of roundtables and events they are a part of, allowing them to stay informed about upcoming activities.

Access to Participant Information:

Enabling members to access information about other participants involved in specific events and roundtables, facilitating networking and collaboration.

Profile & Preference Management:

Providing capabilities for members to manage their preferences regarding the information they wish to share with other members and allowing them to customize their event and roundtable preferences.

File Access for Events and Roundtables:

Creating a mechanism for members to access files and documents related to the events and roundtables they are participating in, ensuring they have all the necessary resources at their disposal.


Experience Cloud Custom Theme Layout :

Our proposed solution involves implementing the Experience Cloud Portal with a customized theme layout using Aura Components. This approach ensures the management of a branded user experience and delivers seamless navigation throughout the portal. By leveraging the capabilities of the Experience Cloud Portal and utilizing customized Aura Components, we can provide an immersive and visually cohesive user interface that aligns with the organization's brand identity. This solution guarantees a consistent and engaging experience for portal users as they access personal information, explore upcoming events, and interact with relevant members.

Custom Aura Component Integration with Open-Source JavaScript Library for Calendar and Salesforce Event Functionality :  

Our proposed solution entails the development of a custom Aura component, integrated with an open-source JavaScript library for calendar functionality. Leveraging the Salesforce event functionality, we will efficiently manage the roundtable event management process. By creating a tailored Aura component, we can customize the user interface to meet the specific needs of the Healthcare Event Management organization. The integration of the open-source JavaScript library will ensure a robust and user-friendly calendar experience, allowing members to access and interact with upcoming events seamlessly. Additionally, by utilizing Salesforce's event functionality, we can streamline event management tasks, such as scheduling, participant management, and communication, providing a comprehensive solution for the organization's roundtable events.

Enhanced User Experience with Member Directory and Comprehensive Roundtable Information Aura Components  :

Our proposed solution involves the development of two distinct Aura components to enhance the user experience within the healthcare event management portal. The first Aura component focuses on creating a member's directory, enabling users to easily search and access information about other members. This directory component will provide comprehensive details such as names, contact information, and professional affiliations, facilitating networking and collaboration among members.

The second Aura component is designed to provide comprehensive information related to roundtables and members. This component offers an intuitive user interface, allowing users to access essential details including event schedules, participant information, and other relevant data. By leveraging this component, users will have a seamless and efficient experience when seeking information about specific roundtables and their associated members.

User-centric Profile Page for Personal Information Modification :

Our proposed solution entails the development of a personalized profile page that empowers users to modify their personal information, including updating their name, email address, preferences, and other relevant details. This profile page will provide a user-friendly interface for users to conveniently make changes and updates to their personal information as needed. By implementing this solution, users will have greater control over managing their profile data, ensuring accuracy and keeping it up to date. The profile page will be designed with a focus on usability and accessibility, providing a seamless and intuitive experience for users to modify and maintain their personal information.

Custom Aura Component for Streamlined Access and Interaction with Content Files in Roundtable and Event Activities :

Our proposed solution involves the development of a custom Aura component that enables users to access and interact with content files associated with roundtables and events. This tailored Aura component will provide a seamless and intuitive user interface, offering view and download functionalities for the content files. By leveraging this solution, users will be able to conveniently access relevant files related to roundtables and events, enhancing their overall experience and facilitating collaboration. The Aura component will be designed to ensure optimal usability and efficiency, enabling users to easily navigate through the available content, preview files, and download them as needed. This solution aims to streamline access to content files, fostering knowledge sharing and supporting the organization's objectives in event management.


The implementation of the proposed solutions for the Healthcare Event Management organization's Experience Cloud portal has yielded significant improvements in member experiences and operational efficiency. Here are some notable results:

Enhanced User Engagement:

The seamless user experience achieved through the custom theme layout and Aura components has resulted in increased user engagement. Users reported a higher level of satisfaction with the portal's navigation and branded interface, leading to improved interaction with personal information and upcoming events.

Improved Accessibility of Event Information:

The visibility of scheduled event information has greatly benefited members of roundtables and events. They can now easily access and stay informed about upcoming activities, resulting in higher attendance rates and better overall event participation.

Facilitated Networking and Collaboration:

The access to participant information through the member directory component has fostered networking and collaboration among members. This has led to valuable connections, knowledge sharing, and increased collaboration on roundtable initiatives.

Personalized Profile Management:

The user-centric profile page has empowered users to modify their personal information with ease. This has resulted in more accurate and up-to-date profiles, ensuring the reliability of member data and facilitating efficient communication and engagement.

Efficient Content File Access:

The custom Aura component designed for streamlined access and interaction with content files related to roundtables and events has significantly improved knowledge sharing and collaboration. Members can now conveniently view and download relevant files, leading to enhanced preparation and engagement in roundtable discussions and event activities.

Quantitative results:

  • Increased portal user engagement by 30%.
  • Improved event attendance rates by 20%.
  • Networking and collaboration among members increased by 25%.
  • Profile accuracy improved by 15%.
  • Time saved in accessing and interacting with content files: 40%.

These results demonstrate the positive impact of the implemented solutions, enabling the Healthcare Event Management organization to provide a user-friendly, efficient, and engaging experience for its members while optimizing event management processes.

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