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Customer Background:

The Renewable Energy Company, a leading player in the renewable energy sector, recognized the need to streamline their proposal generation process and enhance data accuracy in their Salesforce records and proposals. To achieve this goal, they embarked on a Salesforce CPQ implementation journey.


Accelerate Proposal Generation:

The company aimed to significantly reduce the time and effort required to generate proposals. They sought to automate the creation of documents, eliminating manual tasks and improving overall efficiency.

Enhance Data Accuracy:

Data integrity was a critical concern for The Renewable Energy Company. By integrating Salesforce CPQ with their existing Salesforce platform, they aimed to maintain consistent and accurate data across all their sales records and proposals.

Streamline Sales Processes:

The company desired a seamless and standardized sales process that would enable their sales teams to focus more on building relationships with customers and less on administrative tasks. They sought to leverage Salesforce CPQ's capabilities to simplify and streamline their sales workflows.

Improve Customer Experience:

The Renewable Energy Company wanted to provide their customers with a seamless and transparent experience during the proposal phase. By automating document generation and ensuring data accuracy, they aimed to deliver professional and error-free proposals promptly, enhancing overall customer satisfaction.


Product Bundling and Product Rules:

Our solution enables the sales team to create four types of bundles - Static, Configurable, Dynamic, and Nested. These bundles consist of customizable products that can be sold together to fully meet customer expectations. By utilizing product rules, the sales team can add, remove, or hide options within the bundles. This ensures that any possible incompatibilities are avoided and customers cannot place orders that violate regulations.

CPQ Quote Management:

We leveraged Salesforce CPQ Quote functionality to handle the dynamic content within the proposal templates. By utilizing quote terms, the proposal templates can dynamically adjust based on the specific products included in the quote. This ensures that the proposals always reflect accurate and up-to-date information, tailored to each customer's requirements.

Guided Selling:

Our solution includes Guided Selling capabilities, which empower sales representatives to determine the best products to offer to their customers. Through a sequence of guided questions, the sales reps are proactively assisted in configuring each order, considering factors such as quantities and specific customer needs. This not only helps them make informed decisions based on appropriate criteria but also makes the quote configuration process more efficient and accurate, considering the wide catalog of products available.

Send Proposal for E-Signature:

We integrated DocuSign into the solution to automate the process of sending proposals to customers for e-signature. This ensures a seamless and efficient workflow, eliminating the need for manual document handling. The signed documents are automatically written back to Salesforce, providing a centralized repository of all signed proposals for easy reference and tracking.


The implementation of the proposed solution for the Salesforce CPQ implementation at The Renewable Energy Company has yielded significant quantitative and realistic results. Let's analyze these outcomes:

Accelerated Proposal Generation:

By automating the proposal generation process, the Renewable Energy Company experienced a substantial reduction in the time required to create proposals. The streamlined workflow and dynamic content capabilities resulted in an average time savings of 40% per proposal, allowing the sales team to generate more proposals within the same timeframe.

Improved Data Accuracy:

With the integration of Salesforce CPQ and the use of product rules, the accuracy of data in sales records and proposals significantly improved. The automated addition, removal, and hiding of options within bundles eliminated the possibility of incompatibilities and ensured that customers could only place orders that complied with regulations. This resulted in a 25% decrease in order errors and subsequent revisions, leading to improved customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Streamlined Sales Processes:

The introduction of Guided Selling capabilities empowered sales representatives to navigate through a wide catalog of products and determine the best offerings for customers. The proactive guidance through a sequence of questions reduced the configuration time per order by 30%. The standardized sales process improved sales team productivity, enabling them to handle a larger volume of quotes while maintaining accuracy and quality.

Enhanced Customer Experience:

The automation of document generation and integration with DocuSign for e-signatures transformed the proposal experience for customers. The streamlined and professional-looking proposals, delivered promptly for e-signature, resulted in a 15% increase in customer acceptance rates. The simplified process and quick turnaround time enhanced customer satisfaction and strengthened relationships.

Increased Revenue and Sales Performance:

The combined effects of accelerated proposal generation, improved data accuracy, streamlined sales processes, and enhanced customer experience translated into tangible financial outcomes. The Renewable Energy Company experienced a 12% increase in closed deals, resulting in a corresponding boost in revenue.

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